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  • According to the experts of the Chinese Coatings Association, as a kind of water-based paint, latex paint is one of the most widely used wall decoration materials. Due to the use water as the solvent of the coating, it can be said latex paint is the most security in many coating materials. Latex paint in several major ingredients, such as the water of the solvent, pigment, emulsion, fillers and various additives are essentially free of harmful substances. In particular, some of the well-known brand products, the safety factor is higher, consumers can rest assured that use.
    According to the Secretary-General of the Association, Miss Yang Huan able to produce many manufacturers of latex paint. In addition to a small number of enterprises using organic mercury fungicide in the use of harmful substances such as ethylene glycol coalescent, the vast majority of latex paint manufacturers are in line with a responsible attitude on the user, even if the additional cost do not use harmful substances. But even if they joined the harmful substances in the latex paint, the content of harmful substances is also very small, attention to ventilation after brushing stay dry completely before, nor will it cause any significant damage. Consumers do not have to be scared of.
    In addition, the current market, there are a small number of low-quality water-based paint, the brand name of "latex paint" on sale. Such poor paint (non-toxic) of high-quality coatings containing a large number of free formaldehyde, a harmful decorative material. A major characteristic of this low-grade material, which has a strong pungent taste, consumers can easily distinguish.
    Finally, the experts advise consumers not freeloaders buy latex paint, be sure to buy well-known brands of goods, purchase of real goods, so as to ensure the safety of themselves and their families use.
    Indemnity cover minor cracks: the flexible latex special "bomb of Zhang" performance, extend and indemnity cover minor cracks.